Palebule derived from the Javanese nickname for uncle and auntie. Pak’Lik for Uncle and Bu’lik for Auntie. Those ‘Lik means Cilik (small) coz we are the youngest in both our family.

palebule was started because our wonderful nephews and nieces love to eat our cooking and they always had fun cooking with us. This web log is dedicated for them so that they ‘ll be able to cook our recipes from any parts of the world.

Pale is representing Tri (me), who love to cook and eat… and my passion to eat is shown by my obvious size. I love to experiment with herbs and sauces. Failed experiments normally ended up in the breakfast table on the next morning. My wife Pipit loves to bake, and although she appears to be petite, believe me she eats a lot. Her perfectionist attitude assists a lot in measuring the ingredients accurately and the tedious process of creating cakes and cookies. For her, baking is an art.

At palebule , we only use the best ingredients and we try to avoid any artificial agents such as MSG and the like. All recipes had been tested (and eaten).

Here’s a quote from my favorite chef:

“A recipe is merely words on paper; a guideline, a starting point from which to improvise. It cannot pretend to replace the practiced hand and telling glance of a watchful cook. Remember words have no flavor; you have to add your own!” – Michael Smith

So, nephews and nieces (all around the world), enjoy cooking and don’t forget to share!!!

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